About JSON Plugin

The plugin exposes restful endpoints for reading and writing JSON data that will be stored within the item along with other items on the page. Changes in configuration of the plugin are recorded in the journal but updates to the data itself are recorded elsewhere.

This example is from the Data in Context application.

Manually maintained diagrams owned and managed by the architecture team updated within weeks before or after actual deployments.

Double-click to edit informative text describing stewardship and refresh intentions of data to be stored within. Recent update and update interval are reported automatically.


The server-side of this plugin adds api routes to the origin server. Reads and writes go to the first JSON plugin found on a page. Requests fail if none.

Read data from the page with an http GET request.

curl http://<site>/plugin/json/<slug>

Write data to the page with an http PUT request.

echo '{"foo": "bar"}' |\ curl -X PUT -d @- \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H "X-Api-Key:35ece947aa90b581" \ http://<site>/plugin/json/<slug>

Write requests report back to the requestor information useful for confirming proper operation of a write.

{ "status": "ok", "writes": 3330, "interval": 299524, "length": 17736 }