About MorseTeacher Plugin

This plugin teaches you to understand Morse code. It starts with a few letters and adds more when it sees that you are ready. It saves progress as edits to the page.

q --.- 60 7 --... 70 z --.. g --. 0 ----- 9 ----. 8 ---.. o --- 1 .---- j .--- p .--. w .-- l .-.. r .-. a .- m -- 6 -.... b -... x -..- d -.. y -.-- c -.-. k -.- n -. 2 ..--- 3 ...-- f ..-. u ..- 4 ....- 5 ..... v ...- h .... s ... i .. t - e .

This is the easiest way to learn Morse code. The computer thinks about the listening practice you need most instead of wasting time with familiar letters or confusing with many new letters at once.

Concentrate on how each letter sounds. Hear the letter as a whole, not dots and dashes. Type the letters slowly and carefully. You do not need to touch-type.

Practice until you have learned a few new letters. Press cmd/alt-s to save your progress. Recall old versions from history if this gets too hard.

Rest in quiet for a few minutes when you are done. Your mind must consolidate what you've learned. Other activity will interfere.

This plugin will teach you to copy at a speed of about five words per minute. Learning to copy faster requires a different kind of practice.