About Transport Plugin

This plugin provides interactive access to remote services that can read content you drop and create from it useful pages that appear ready to be saved or used at one's discretion. github

Markup in a Transport item tell the plugin what should be done with drops. Transporter services are expected to publish properly marked up plugins for your use.

The following plugin is marked up to import images. Try dragging an image from some other website and dropping it here. Expect a new page added to the lineup.

POST http://home.c2.com:4010/image

The plugin collects various pieces of information from the drop. This varies with what you drag, from where you drag, and what browser and os host the plugin.

# Markup

Say POST with a service endpoint to send drop information to that service.

# Catalog

Look here for information about available Transporters and the people who support them.

Here we will point to information about available transporters as well as tips for writing them yourself.