Client Type Modules

We will extend client-side markup and rendering with javascript modules that can be installed by a site owner without additional rights, shared from owner to owner, and selected by the viewer when launching a tab. github


We will test render these plugins now. You need to be viewing with Smallest Deployed and include a type library in the query portion of the url. example

Now a case study.

test cases

# Carol Highsmith's America

digraph { rankdir=LR users others [label="any\nother\napp"] pages federation [label="any\nother\nserver"] node [shape=box style=filled fillcolor=lightgreen] "View\nModule" users -> "View\nModule" "Host\nModule" -> pages "View\nModule" -> federation "Host\nModule" -> "View\nModule" [dir="both"] others -> "Host\nModule" }

DOT strict digraph rankdir=LR node [shape="box" style="filled" fillcolor="gold"] HERE NODE node [fillcolor="lightgreen"] WHERE /^Used / LINKS NODE -> HERE WHERE /^Uses / LINKS HERE -> NODE


See Smallest Wiki Explained where we organize a whole site to match the organization of the code. We'll see how well this follows code refactoring.