Community Support Technician

Can we sketch a curriculum for medical school for wiki doctors? An MD might learn biology, anatomy and ethics. We might teach networking, wiki and federation. Graduates could solve new user problems but not host a wiki farm or run a hospital for that matter.

# Networking

Clients: browsers, location bar, urls, caches, cookies, sessions, cross-origin, ad blockers.

Servers: protocols, app servers, reverse proxy, domain names, wildcards, upgrades, login, ssh, virtual machines.

Network: addresses, dhcp, sockets, ping, bandwidth, routing, carriers, wifi, security.

Payloads: rest, json, status codes, mime-type, unicode, latency, throughput.

# Wiki

Medium: page, title, slug, story, item, types, journal, actions and revisions.

Plugins: paragraphs, images, markdown, html, maps, diagrams, data and visualizations.

Editing: login, keystrokes, markup, about pages, drag items, drop zones, refresh, wiki mode.

Workflow: lineup, search, neighborhood, hamburger menu, sitemaps, twins, refresh.

Importing: formats, parsing, pages, contents, images, troubles, updates.

# Federation

Hosting: subdomains, rosters, pods, identities, charters, habits, meetups, backchannels

Indexing: advanced search, federation activity, site indexes, full text search.

Style: hypertext, title case, refactoring, link words, pronouns, simplicity

Migration: export, import, shell tools, dns updates, compatibilities, configuration, plugmatic