Digest 2015-07-29

Chat log from 29th July 2015 Hangout.

Ryan Bennett joined group chat. Jon Richter joined group chat. Jon Richter 18:00 http://cccamp.federated.wiki/view/welcome-visitors/dao.space/dao-space/view/dao-space-projects/ksenya.me/block-server/ksenya.me/federated-wiki-workshop/ksenya.me/distributed-media-channel/view/cluster-architecture/view/federated-wiki-plugins/view/storage-plugin/view/farm-plugin Ryan Bennett 18:00 https://github.com/rynomad/wiki-chrome Ward Cunningham 18:01 back in a sec Ward Cunningham left group chat. Ward Cunningham joined group chat. David Bovill joined group chat. Ward Cunningham left group chat. Ward Cunningham joined group chat. Jon Richter 18:09 Is there a code repository? This is the 'federated wiki as a protocol' idea again  notes will be cached at https://text.allmende.io/p/20150729 Randall Bohn joined group chat. Randall Bohn 18:19 Lurking. Enjoy my massive forehead. Jon Richter 18:20 /me switched to no-sound mode. people are occupying the kitchen which I'm occupying. Taiga.io has the same problem with synchronisation to the GitHub API they have only one-way sync. Too bad I can't talk. Ryan, why not present you wiki-chrome extension? +r Ryan Bennett 18:31 bugfixing frantically apparently I broke it last night but fixed now Jon Richter 18:31 not totally fedwiki is underground David was always the only person really interested in it. first iptables and your app needs to ask for permission to open a public socket rooted phones would do  sd binaries. a very recent Docker link list: http://cccamp.federated.wiki/view/welcome-visitors/view/docker-provisioning/view/orchestration/view/scheduler/view/discovery/view/storage later on, IPFS can help with offline caching federated wiki content. as it does not only offer file system storage, but allows for object storage, too. Yes, installing Node on a Raspi is a huzzle. Ryan Bennett 18:36 hmmm... doable though Jon Richter 18:36 Usually you have to compile a lot of stuff first. Which takes hours, if you don't know how to do cross compilation on your workstation. the IPFS white paper is actually quite nice. especially in background of the previous NDN experiments. Ryan Bennett 18:37 yeah I've been taking a look, it's right up the icn alley Jon Richter 18:42 "the icy alley" means a bit longing too far or actually well compiled and designed? Ryan Bennett 18:43 oh sorry ICN, information centric networking, the broader term for NDN and related projects like ipfs Jon Richter 18:44 i see. new terms all the 2 months  Ryan Bennett 18:48 always Jon Richter 18:53 :clap: what links here - back in the game in the end we'll have many of these scrapers walking around the federation. Ward's bot won't be the last. We had a case while writing a dummy wiki plugin where IDs had been reused ... Randall Bohn 18:59 Gotta run, thanks all! Randall Bohn left group chat. Jon Richter 19:03 our idea with local academies solves the CORS because we can serve the IPFS gateway in the same domain as the wiki just another subdomain which format spec was this? I'm currently designing the fedwiki-IPFS implementation I could be with you on one of these Weekend mornings August 1 is booked? Or which day? Oh there was a tweet about this today ... Paul : http://sakurity.com/blog/2015/07/28/appcache.html they are hiding their keys in cookies Ryan Bennett 19:12 ecdsa/ecdh ? Jon Richter 19:13 WebID ? We have @bblfish ... Ward Cunningham 19:13 http://goals.pods.wiki.org/ Jon Richter 19:14 Ryan are your old ideas about WIK part of this pod? Ryan Bennett 19:14 I can get them in there Chet Hendrickson joined group chat. Jon Richter 19:15 http://wiki-allmende.rhcloud.com/view/welcome-visitors just restarted - it seems the free plan turns instances off Ryan Bennett 19:15 I'll bring back rosewiki Jon Richter 19:16 rosewiki.org ?! the original one, yeah. Ryan Bennett 19:16 yup https://github.com/rynomad/wiki-chrome Chet Hendrickson left group chat. Ryan Bennett left group chat. Jon Richter 19:17 y'all!