Draft in Local Storage

We consider how we might make more use of browser local storage for a more reliable and somewhat private authoring experience.

I've adopted the workflow of creating items on my welcome page rather than where they belong. This lets me drag a finished item to its final destination all at once with some editing baggage left behind.

I cleanup my welcome page by forking the unmodified revision from history.

Sometimes my welcome edit ends up in browser local storage (yellow halo). This is even better. I author there in private, login, then drag from this local page to a public place while cleaning up Local Changes later.

# Suggestion

Perhaps we should encourage this workflow with additional affordances for bringing content to the browser.

Fork as toggle. Click fork to bring a page to local storage. Click again to write it back. This would have the advantage of only writing full pages to the server.

Local Future. The new page creation machinery could respect the location of the invoking link. From local makes local. From origin makes origin.

Local Neighborhood. It might make sense to bring the whole site or maybe the whole neighborhood into local storage so that editing and refactoring can proceed while disconnected.