Dream Big

We've allowed ourselves to imagine wiki with many possible features working together well. We do this to find interesting steps along the way.

Wiki is a medium for making and sharing. We add flexibility with plugin modules and longevity with peer to peer hosting. We design for creative dissent where revision of the work of others is the norm and a sign of both respect and progress. We intend this to be a place where our culture solves its most pressing problems.

We embrace proliferation and focus on mechanisms to make this seem natural. In this way we depart from computing tradition. See Biological Inspiration

Our work evolves with the communities of purpose who have need of and are served by our work to date. We look for implementations that open up more possibilities rather than bringing development to completion.


Wiki Find Page with incremental search.

Phototelling Workflow as html scripts.

Principles for Version Two of federated wiki.

Landing Page Registration for small groups or classes.

End Drag Refactoring which is broken and useful.

Draft in Local Storage to avoid risks of networking.

Three Layer Storage factoring network responsibility.

Contours of Privilege controlling our things.

Relations Described with information easily graphed.

Wiki on IPFS where journal and blockchain merge.

Thinking of Presentations composed in wiki.

Login to View for schools or companies.

World Time Forecast for scheduling across timezones.

Sunday, May 26, 2019 party memorial day weekend

Wiki's Most Replicated things found by search.

Asset Abstractions Improve inching toward perfection.

Ping Service plugin like pingdom.

Full Text Search now a reality. Done locally.

Smallest Wiki Revisited in modern javascript.


Plundering Markup to make pages be data objects.

Community Support Technician for onboarding care

Mobile Activity Feed as more mobile friendly.

Microformat Plugin for web structured data.

Ephemeral Content creation, distribution and persistence.

Search over the Horizon by extending the neighborhood.

Identity in SSB and Wiki rights for readers and authors.

Print Local Changes to make a project pattern booklet.

Historic Wiki Digested with mixed format refactoring.

Hosting Private Hypertext for federation with public work.

Collaborative Reality observed and interpreted.

Historical Wiki preserved & presented.

Service Blocks to provide 24x7 integration.

Datalog Viewer plugin in style of plotly html scripts.

Computational Habitat as landscape for wiki.

Alert Prototype as one bold step forward.

Export Plugin for hard to backup sites.

Search Labels that say what will be searched.

Feature Plugin enables options while editing.

Plotly Plugin for time series data or more.

How I Post Images and wish wiki did this for me.

Journal Optimization to save space and clutter.

Selective Key Injection to grant Transport privilege.

Feed the Federation without being a nuisance.

Complementary Notice on Fork answer's who cares.

Ambient Federation where my things are close at hand.

Demanding Media methods and tools for collaboration.

Video Reporter Producer pattern language.

Edit Item JSON rather than just item text.

Garden's Stream exposes readers to pages of interest.

Conduit of High Fidelity as our contribution to the future.

Open Junta for alto or wiki.

Fat Future with title and synopsis.

CSS Cascade that makes sense for pages and plugins.

How We Connect Data between pages.

Sites Claimed with little oversight.

Wiki as Platform more like language than application.

Lorempixel arbitrary images.

Web Bluetooth for may devices but not iphone.

Image Effects with CSS perhaps for branding

Beyond Slugs for identifying pages.

Events on the Wire compared to Fowler, et.al.

Forms and Aggregation with html in wiki.

Certified Friendly Photographer of colleagues at work.

Fight Spam with more protocols.

Federation at Risk as the hands of others' technology.

Unicode Titles that work for those who need them.

Digression Workflow by which new ideas emerge.

Javascript Modules and tool chain.

Move to a Better Web by editorial transport

Flag Gradients like night and day.

Wiki Nature for VR won't be another video game.


We work in the present using only a few of the best technologies likely to last a decade. Our most valued resource, the basis of replication, is kept simple as it must outlive the computers and networks we use to create and transport it.