Fat Future

The Future plugin offers to make a missing page. Let's pass more information from the link to the future and construct nicer looking pages.

With no information at all we could at least un-slug the title. Change john-doe to John Doe. Change right--wrong to Right Wrong which would fall short of the intended Right & Wrong but still an improvement over the slug and easier to edit when we have title editing. This happens when slugs come in from the location bar.

But since we have not left the client when we construct the Future and the page that surrounds it we have only to devise some more reliable way to communicate. Current practice looks backwards in the dom to find the link so as to get the proper capitalization. Better to pass this information forward.

The doInternalLink method turns title to slug to begin its search. This passes through several layers of callback before the search fails and the Future appears. Let's pass title and synopsis along too.

Dream Big uses a list style where the link's enclosing paragraph would make a passable synopsis.

Hatfield Clan is marked up as bullets. Some logic in the Markdown plugin would isolate the individual bullet.

Jeremiah Hatfield is marked up as nodes. A synopsis describing one graph neighbor would be an adequate synopsis knowing nothing more. Would it be crazy to forward more graph context and add that to the enclosing Future page as Graph markup?