Flutter Client

Wiki pages lineup vertically slipping individually or scrolling together as needed.

We will explore a federated wiki client written within the flutter framework by google for android and ios. site

We have a design for a narrow touch device that preserves the lineup browsing mechanics we know and love. pdf

Previously, We explored a read-only client written in react. We shared only json schema with current wiki. We wrote conventional code and gave up when our build got too complex. github

# Capabilities

We consider the capabilities Flutter offers. We imagine the federation software rewritten every decade and redesigned to exploit the strengths of the platforms available at the time.

Fetch json and png from remote sites handling cors, tls, 404, dns, and tcp errors.

Maintain a working memory where content from various sites is made available in the rendering of others.

Provide a cooperative model where interpreters running on behalf of items on pages discover each other and interact asynchronously.

Host an ecosystem of "plugin" markup interpreters supporting acquisition, computation and visualization associated with creative activity.

Render pages in a continuously browsable space where user gestures configure and enlarge a view into works of the federation.

Modify pages through text editing or gesture recognition including cross-page "drag" or the touch equivalent.

Local storage for cases where connectivity or authorization prevent permanent update.

Privately owned and publicly visible permanent storage of json and png content.


See Mobile Gestures For Wiki previously proposed.