Friendly Security

We explore the new security plugin api of Wiki - 0.10.0 through the creation of a 'friends' module suitable for farms were the server administrator knows and is available to help every site owner should they have login trouble.

See Sites for Friends for background.

Using secure client-side sessions to build simple and scalable Node.JS applications. post

Client-sessions is connect middleware that implements sessions in encrypted tamper-free cookies. npm


Paul Rodwell and I pair-programmed the first draft leaving a few critical methods in place for my refinement. github

Clone the wiki-security-friends repo. Stub something that will build. Share it with npm link.

Local install of wiki@next into ~/node_modules. Install module with npm link. Create local config file. Launch with coffee

coffee --security_type friends -p 3090

Reports error.

TypeError: require(...) is not a function at module.exports.exports (/Users/ward/node_modules/wiki/node_modules/wiki-server/lib/

I try installing with a path reference.

npm install ~/FedWiki/wiki-security-friends/

No change.

I start comparing installed files between security modules. Notice my index.js is empty. Fix that.

No change.

I try launching with node.

node index.js -p 3090 --security_type friends

I get error messages from coffeescript. Progress?