Graphing the Horizon

We're thinking an innovative federation scrape will create new opportunities for graphing the emergent structure.

# Markup

We begin by considering what the markup should produce. Then we will design a query in the style of algorithmic diagrams.

The Graph plugin represents a subgraph which can be read and merged by the Graphviz plugin. github

$item.addClass 'graph-source' $item.get(0).graphData = -> parse here, item.text

We can find some examples and then examine them.


Here we look at tools for data visualisation for Platform Earth and wiki.

We pull this page up and examine it with the inspector.

$('.graph-source').get(0).graphData() { "Data Visualisation": [ "Data Visualisation", "Network Visualisation", "Visualising Graphs", "Maps", "Simulation" ], "Network Visualisation": [], "Visualising Graphs": [], "Maps": [], "Simulation": [ "Bret Victor" ], "Bret Victor": [] }

The subgraph is a map of node ⇒ array of node.

For our first implementation then we should query for a map of site ⇒ array of sites. The only question we need to answer is where to start and how deep to look. We'll use a nested syntax that leaves lots of room for further restriction.


Borrowing from Cypher, this says, start the host of the possibly remote page, HERE, and follow links to SITE and then from there to another SITE.

Later expansions of this might include HOST and PAGE as other node types and restrictions on the type of links followed.

As well as drawing these relations, we should find some way to selectively add sites thus located to our neighborhood.