Haiku Wiki

We sense that writing in the wiki can be poetic where meaning emerges from the Whitespace between words that are each rich with meaning.

We also sense that systems that come alive are Autopoietic Systems that are based on each element being beautiful in and of itself.

Haiku poetry creates the discipline of expressing powerful meaning in the simplest of forms, poems composed of three lines, where the first and the third line has five syllables and the second line has seven.

We strive to experience the simplest of patterns, one that holds powerful meaning on each wiki page as we seek to create delight for our future self and potentially inspire wonder in others.

So we write – starting with an intention sensed in the title, we challenge ourselves to distill essence to six paragraphs on a page which has three links to other concepts that hint at a greater meaning beckoning to unfold.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we might see wikis come alive, for ourselves, for others, and even, perhaps for the Markov Monkey.

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