Hamburger Menu

We once had a hint of a hamburger menu in the web page footer where it was intended to offer server or browsing specific information. We'd like to see it return and suggest that its sole purpose should be to open well known plugin about pages like Recent Changes or Recently Recycled.

Also called a hamburger button. wikipedia

The new Graphviz plugin provides a motivating example. It could provide one or more standard visualizations such as Lineup Diagram that will always be available when the plugin is installed. Note this wouldn't restrict someone customizing this diagram in a site specific way just as we sometime customize Recent Changes.

The plugins already offer factory.json, metadata used to create the Factory plugins new page type menu.

{ "name": "Graphviz", "title": "Dot Formatted Diagram", "category": "format" }

We could extend this metadata by adding a small list of general purpose pages.

"pages": ["Lineup Diagram"]

The Factory plugin queries this metadata from the server on first rendering and caches it in window.catalog. We could duplicate this cashing logic in as part of client startup.

Notice that this proposal manages a server, not site, provided resource through an expanded role for plugins. We have previously suggested that each site maintain useful links, like Recent Changes, on their welcome page.

We can imagine plugins that consist solely of pages destine for this menu. A farm operator could install and manage such resources for use by all farm sites without programming in javascript.

It is possible that plugins could fight for space in this menu. We have suggested a bidding mechanism before but removing offending plugins might be simpler. See Managing the Factory Menu

If our footer search could see these and other about pages then this mechanism could be reduced to a convenient shortcut. See Search for About Pages

Our hamburger menu implementation chose to open a ghost page with links rather than pop-up a menu. This is consistent with search but much more specific. github


Activity -- Recent Changes --github merged.

Changes -- Local Changes --github Merged.

Recycler -- Recycled Pages. github merged. github merged.

Search -- Federation Search. github merged.

Graphviz -- Lineup Diagram. github merged.

Some plugins don't appear in the Factory plugin menu and thus don't have factory.json metadata yet. This is a conflict of usage to be resolved by treating info without a category fields as we now treat an absent file. github


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