Home Away from Home

We redirect visitors to alternative landing pages written in html and provided in the status/theme directory for each site in a wiki farm.

Launch the wiki server with an additional parameter that specifies this specific home page address.

--home /theme/index.htm?

Add an html formatted file named index.htm in the status/theme directory for each site.

<center> <h1>Welcome to Federated Wiki</h1> <a href=/view/welcome-visitors>begin</a>

Visit a site by domain name only. Expect to find a full-width page that looks something like this.

Welcome to Federated Wiki


We defeat unwanted routes by using the .htm suffix.

We defeat the automatically appended suffix by adding a question mark to the --home parameter.

This is not the intended use of the --home parameter. We suggest this as an experiment in providing non-wiki landing pages for viewers confused by wiki's view management.