Identity in SSB and Wiki

Having read up a bit on SSB I suspect resolving our respective interpretation of identity is the place where good choices will be most rewarded. An established identity confers rights in two ways.

# Rights

As author, one acquires the right to continued contribution. As reader, one acquires reliable attribution and thus provenance.

Federated wiki delegates reader's right to the domain name system and the subdomain policies of "farms" with domains.

Federated wiki delegates author's right to various identity services, typically OAuth from Google, Twitter or GitHub, though stand-alone mechanisms can fall back on ssh based identity management of friends.

SSB does not insure that an attributed authors work can be located but it does cryptographically confirm authorship when an attributed work is found.

SSB confers an author's right to continue through the possession of the private cryptographic key, typically held in private on one computer but possibly sharded and distributed as a recovery mechanism.

# Fusion

A reader encountering a forked page made available through SSB channels might use the embedded domain name to recover the author's public key from the public internet should our servers choose to provide this information.

Similarly, a reader browsing a neighborhood of the federation offline might use /etc/hosts to short-circuit dns lookups of sites that are not yet, or maybe even never again to be available via public internet.

A reader of pages hosted on the public internet may find from inspection of the journal that a page has been authored by someone with no public presence and that a domain name is not available. Anticipating this case we should be sure that fork actions record the indelible SSB identity of their source.