IFTTT , previously known as If This Then That, is a service that automates and integrates several web applications and Internet of Things devices.

The service monitors the web apps that you specify for certain actions (IF) that trigger (THEN) a related action (THAT).

I use IFTTT to integrate and automate many different services. On this page I will document some of the applets (previously called recipes) that are most important to me.


If I create a new highlight in Instapaper then the highlighted text is copied to an Evernote notebook called Instapaper Highlights with tags IFTTT, Instapaper. While I can automatically share highlights from Instapaper to Evernote that does not put the highlighted content into a specific folder nor adds tags.

If a new entry is added to the RSS feed at http://radio3.io/users/frankm/rss.xml then save that item to Instapaper. This applet is the critical component to How I Collect And Read Web Content.


I use Slack as a personal news feed and I have several applets to add things to that feed. Every morning an applet adds the day's weather forecast. In the evening another adds the upcoming day's forcast. Other applets captures weather it starts to rain or snow.

Other applets add NASA's Image of the day to the feed, and another adds any new pictures I post in Instagram.


One of my oldest blogs is hosted on Wordpress. Now I use it as a collection of all of my social network updates, and I have IFTTT applets that post Tweets, blog posts, Instagram posts, and Facebook status updates to this blog.