Knowledge Graphing

We desire to describe and manipulate graphs within wiki for purposes other than exploring wiki itself. github

We assume nodes will look like titles which may or may not identify pages in the federation. A wiki page won't be part of the knowledge graph unless it has been brought into the graph with markup.

We are developing features based on experience encoding and rendering generations of feuding families.

# Resources

We invite others to work with us. To that end we summarize here the resources under development.

Tip: watch all of these github repos for updates.


Graph Plugin. This is developed with pushes directly to master and deployed as source on experimental servers.

- clone/pull from github - npm install - grunt build - npm link

Change directory to your federated wiki install, probably /usr/local/lib/node_modules/wiki

- npm link wiki-plugin-graph - restart wiki


Transport Plugin. We've enlarged the markup to transport content found within the lineup as well as from drops onto the plugin. Say GRAPH POST to post json renderings of the Graph plugin to a transporter.

We've submitted this work in process as a pull request on the branch ward/graph. github

- clone/pull from github - checkout ward/graph - npm install - grunt build - npm link

Change directory to your federated wiki install and complete the link/restart as described above.


Graphviz Transporter. We've extended our demonstration transporter with GRAPH POST to svg conversion. Install ruby/sinatra and graphviz on localhost.

- install ruby and graphviz - gem install sinatra - clone/pull from github - ruby server.rb

Add a transport like this one to the end of a lineup of Graph plugins. Beam Up will merge and convert them to one svg in an html item as well as an independently served svg document.

GRAPH POST http://localhost:4010/graphviz

We host a version of the image transporter on the public internet. site

We keep transported graphs until the random file name comes up for reuse.


The core client javascript is enhanced to keep the origin's sitemap up to date while creating new pages. This makes sure that the colorcoding of graph nodes reflects current reality. github