List All Plugins

Jon and I have been discussing extending the Factory menu with a list of all plugins. That conversation begot this coding experiment. issue


The first code I wrote fetched the list of plugins and reported the names as resolved links separated by <br> tags. commit

My next commit put the item.text field to work as a selector for subsetting the list of plugins. commit

My remaining work involved writing plugin documentation which can be read above. I keep a test server running and redirected it to the plugin as if were a page store.

node index.js -d ../wiki-plugin-plugins

I installed this plugin on by cloning it from its repo and building it in place. I used the https access rather than the usual ssh since I don't keep credentials on this server. github

ssh cd /usr/local/lib/node_modules/wiki/node_modules git clone npm install grunt build

I didn't have the grunt command on this site so I had to install it to continue. npm

npm install -g grunt-cli

The addition of regex selection made for a more interesting example in the about document. However, it really existed as an example of the fourth concern in our Chorus methodology: Talk about Work.

Four distinct concerns surface when designing federated wiki based information communities. We identify each and suggest forces that must be resolved before creative collaboration will take place.

Regex could be part of this vocabulary but it alone is not enough to talk clearly about managing an explosion of plugins.