Map Me

Maps can serve multiple purposes; one can use maps to chart the top mountain biking trails in America, keep track of upcoming events, or help plan a family trip. scout

A geographic timeline of Obama's visit to Cuba. Text, image and sometimes video document each stop. mapme can be used for all of these purposes. After creating a free account, users will find two different formats to explore, Mapme Story and Mapme Classic.

Mapme Story allows users to integrate maps, text, images, and videos in order to create a comprehensive, visually compelling graphic. For example, a social studies teacher might ask students to chart out and explain the expedition of Lewis, Clark, York, and Sacagawea.

Mapme Classic, on the other hand, with its clean and simple design, is best for users looking to organize a lot of content about one specific place. An individual, business, or non-profit planning an event could use this tool to advise guests about local accommodations or entertainment.

For more ideas about how to use Mapme, the Gallery reveals ways that others have used this tool. site


Navigation reflected by story elements continuously scrolled with current position highlighted on the map.

Navigation affected by clicking marker that scroll the story to the associated element.