Maps and Places

We've begun some work on the long neglected map plugin. Here we consider how maps might interact with the rest of the lineup, neighborhood and federation.

# Plugin

Fedwiki. github

Clément Renaud. github

# Experiments

I'll be remaking some old map based experiments from the early web in order to see if our result can now be easier and better.

Portland Confluences that I've visited.

2001 Geocaches that I've placed.

Ward's Home Page where I've lived all my life.

Hip Portland neighborhoods.

About Bikeshare Plugin for a source of markers.

# Issues

We consider how geojson could be passed around between items and within the neighborhood. github

Could a video be annotated with shot locations such that a map would respond as the video plays? Could the map reposition the video? Some presentation players do this with speaker video and their slides.

The d3 visualization library has well developed mapping capability. Can we make our intermediate form compatible with these maps? Would they interact in similar ways?

# Inspiration

We note here interactive map integrations of roughly the same complexity as wiki.

Map Me provides the background map for a story told chronologically in text and image. Map both affects and reflects the story.

Story Maps by ESRI and open sourced using sometimes Leaflet and open-source data.

Data Wrapper provides web construction of d3 maps along with other common charts. Created by journalists and open-sourced. github