More about Plugmatic Plugin

A server administrator can use Plugmatic to install or update plugins made available for interpreting markup found on wiki pages.

# Administrator

Changes will apply to the origin site and all other sites hosted by the same server should that be a wiki farm.

Update features require that the user be the registered and logged-in administrator for the server. Update features do not require that the Plugmatic content reside on a page served by the origin.

An administrator is identified by the --admin parameter when starting wiki. The admin value would depend on how individuals are identified by the security module in use.

wiki -f --admin

# Installation

The STATUS dialog offers to install any available version other than that currently installed.

Click on a STATUS traffic light to bring up the version installation dialog. The traffic light color indicates what installation actions are expected. Choices are confirmed by the arrangement of the dialog.

Green means that the preferred version of the plugin as reported by npm is already installed.

Yellow means that an earlier version of a plugin is installed. This might be acceptable but an upgrade will be offered.

Read means that no version of a plugin is installed so that content expecting that plugin won't show.

Gray means that no version of the plugin has been located so an installation is not possible.

White means that an installation is in progress. Expect another color to appear soon.

# Restart

A Restart button appears after any version of any plugin has been installed. Changes can be viewed through the Plugmatic interface before they become available through a server restart.

The Restart button is disabled once a restart starts. It will be re enabled with any subsequent install. We don't yet have a reliable signal for when the restart completes. Any server errors encountered during restart can be cleared by refreshing the web page.

Restart requires a recently added wiki server-side feature. Use the command line npm install to update wiki before using these Plugmatic commands.