Murmurations JSON Generator

Mike Hales introduced us to the Murmurations network infrastructure which has similarities with microformats but may be much simpler than making a Microformat Plugin.

I filled out the form describing this site and pressed the GO button. It delivered murmurations_node.json which appeared in a tab at the bottom of my browser.

jq . ~/Downloads/murmurations_node.json

{ "name": "Federated Wiki", "url": "", "tagline": "Dreams and ToDos", "mission": "We explore opportunities for innovation in the context of federated wiki as a participant in a \\\"pod\\\" of developers.", "nodeTypes": "network", "location": "Singapore", "logo": "", "feed": "", "tags": "wiki", "lat": "", "lon": "", "updated": 1590069679 }

I create an Asset configured it as home. I won't add an index.html there so there will be no custom landing page.



I drag the download tab that appeared in my web page footer to the Assets drop zone to upload the file.

I might be done. I click the link that appears and find my published json file. json

See Mike's Asset Shortcut where I publish his json so he can fork my publication.

# Digression

I see that is a url with the conventional asset path. I try the home page abbreviation. json

Cannot GET /murmurations_node.json

Hmm. This is not as expected. I'll ask Mike if the longer url will work for him and then explore independently why home wasn't special.

Ah, figured it out. If assets/home/index.html is present then /index.html redirects there. github

And, if that index.html refers to other files, like style.css, then that works only because the base of local urls is now assets/home.