Let's lead new site owners to a personalization page where they can configure a new site within bounds that preserve the federated wiki look and feel.

We generate flags with no sharp edges. These stretch well to any size as will blurred images.

See About Flagmatic Plugin for an example of a brand preserving control.

Lets make the default background be a plaid of the chosen flag as I have done with simple css which unfortunately has been lost.

I know some are not thrilled with this background which can come out rather extreme for some flags.

Lets make a 'Backmatic' plugin that will upload an image of the user's choosing. I suggest we continue squeezing images so that they transfer quickly. Also, we can blur a squeezed image which will make the low resolution serve any size screen.

We should also work out concrete advice for making who and what pages. And for setting up or using Rosters that will find good community quickly.