Pluto, Image of the Year

Wikimedia users were invited to vote for their favorite images featured on Commons (FP) during the year 2015, to produce a single Picture of the Year. wikipedia

Pluto, not quite a planet. Imaged squeezed client side from 8000x8000, 70.8 MB on disk.

Picture of the Year 2015 is the tenth annual Wikimedia Commons image competition, which recognizes exceptional contributions by users on Wikimedia Commons.

Normally the image of the year distinction goes to pictures taken by people, not robotic spacecraft.

I pulled down the full resolution image of Pluto from commons and found the usual downloading and viewing software struggled at every step.

I thought I broke my browser when I dropped this image on the wiki factory. I was too impatient. It just took a half minute to squeeze it to this json friendly size.

I feel I finally have it where I want it and can finally delete the huge file from my desktop.