Pop-Up Community

We consider the fastest way to get a wiki community going over local wifi and then leave them with something they can share. We anticipate zero-conf, ipfs, electron and thumb drives as enabling technology.

Scenario: You join a working group of 15 people. You're offered a thumb drive with the pop-up app installer for windows, mac and linux. The app comes up in wiki over a background of event branding. Everyone's neighborhood grows to 16.

Scenario: The event comes to a close. Personal pages are updated, the summary report drafted, all good stuff forked. You archive your work into the permanent record which will appear on the communities website.

Scenario: You want to reconnect and discover what has happened since the event months. You bootload the app from the website and find everything as you left it but this time on your work computer, with updates. Most people have moved onto various farms and spread out into multiple sites. You do likewise.

# Technology

Polo is a zero configuration service discovery module written completely in Javascript. github

This runs wiki inside of electron, to see what advantages that gives us. Checkout the branch, npm install and then npm run electron-wiki. github

IPFS implementation in JavaScript. *there are also a couple of different npm packages that distribute the Go version.* GitHub

http://bit.no.com/ is a Namecoin web proxy. It allows you to view .bit domains without installing any software. site

ZeroNet, ZeroProxy, ZeroBlog. post github

FlyWeb provides an API for web pages to host local web servers for exposing content and services to nearby browsers. It also adds the ability to discover and connect to nearby local web servers to the web browser itself. This feature allows users to find and connect to nearby devices with embedded web servers such as printers, thermostats and televisions as well as local web servers hosted in web pages via the FlyWeb API. post