Restful Plugins

We explore using rest calls rather than websocket to communicate with server-side plugins.

We start by creating a test directory. All commands will be run from inside this directory. Test the default install.

rm -rf test-restful-plugins mkdir test-restful-plugins cd test-restful-plugins npm i wiki (cd node_modules/wiki node index.js -p 3020 --admin (cd node_modules/wiki node index.js -p 3020)

# Install the wiki-server that accepts the --admin parameter. Expect to see admin in params but not yet echoed by the security module.

rm -rf node_modules npm i git+ssh://

# Install the revised wiki-server with a patch to sitemaps.

(cd node_modules/wiki/node_modules rm -rf wiki-server git clone cd wiki-server git checkout ward/app git cherry-pick 8137cf6 npm i grunt)

# Install the revised security module.

(cd node_modules/wiki/node_modules rm -rf wiki-security-persona git clone cd wiki-security-persona git checkout paul90/wiki-admin npm i grunt)

# Install the shell plugin.

(cd node_modules/wiki/node_modules rm -rf wiki-plugin-shell git clone cd wiki-plugin-shell npm i grunt)