Saved Search Result

We want to render search results in something that looks like a roster except that each flag links to a specific title.


Now let's see if we can construct a search box that will take advantage of the "transport" capability of its form implementation. See About HTML Plugin

Search Demo

Enter multiple search terms then press enter.
We would expect here an explanation of what kind of search will take place.

Oh, this almost works. json

I tried to write a simple cgi that would fake a search result but I couldn't get the POST preflight CORS right in the time I devoted to this example. Note: The HTML plugin translates all form behavior, including method GET, into XHR POST with JSON arguments.

I wanted to use cgi in this example because they are easier to keep running for long periods. Sinatra seems to get the preflight right as I am using the same ajax approach in the Search plugin itself. github