Shell Privilege

How can I share the power I have over my digital work? I test this by considering what controls I must apply to make the Shell plugin safe for distribution.

I write in the language of the unix shell. I can write off-hand and clarify myself with recall editing. But to share I must write script files and share them through source control. Shell script as markup could be a long missing middle ground.

Transported image. source

Shell markup looks like Code with a run button. When pressed the server-side of the plugin runs the code in a subprocess and returns the result. github

Shell markkup is like a shell script without a name but with a context. One reviews the steps within a document, revises as appropriate, runs, and then retains the revisions as permanent history.

The immediate problem is that I don't dare install the plugin here. Wiki's notion of sharing is at odds with the boundaries we put around machine access.

It might be possible to sufficiently sandbox a wiki server within chroot or its modern forms but then I have removed the possibility of positive side-effect that I enjoy when wielding unix.

# Example

Contrast the distinctly different approaches used to explain setting up wiki on Digital Ocean. One expects you to want to understand the setup, the other not.

Deploying a Wiki suggests fetching and running a script.

Federated Wiki on Digital Ocean lists commands as text.

Could we have a third approach explaining wiki administration step by step without so much copy and paste? To do so we must understand how privilege escalates with paste and not yet with a button press.