Sofi Bases Covered

We describe the packaging and release of sofi data collection and visualization components necessary for successful application of the sofi method within federated wiki. definition

# Roles

The sofi administrator will manage the weekly collection, aggregaton and redistribution of status reports using routine skills with Assets and Frame scripts provided.

The sofi members will operate an organization along responsibilities outlined in the sofi model and report independently or through the administrator weekly updates.

The wiki developers will configure and release all necessary components and methods such that the administrator can conduct one project without additional support.

# Data

Numerical assessments will be stored in json files, one per member, in one or more Assets folders either under the full control of the administrator or delegated to members judged sufficiently competent to self-report.

The interpretation of assessment data will use scales and terminology specific to the one project and encoded in one or more Frame scripts.

Data will be current as of the reporting week. The administrator may retain old reports as history but their accumulation and interpretation is outside the support provided here.

Free text commentary will be recorded in wiki pages titled by standard sofi nomenclature and duplicated in separate sites for each member. These sides will be owned by the administrator or possibly delegated to members skilled enough to edit them.

# Reports

The administrator will gather, aggregate and certify individual reports from which will be made an official project status report to appear on the administrator's site.

Members will have some means of tracing from this project status back to pages in the member's site where commentary can be revised.

Members will have some means of tracing from this project status back to other members sites and pages whom they impact or are impacted by. From this it should be clear by sofi methods where additional conversations would be helpful.

# Todo

Our intention here is to meet the needs of one project and through this to gain insight as to how more ambitious projects could be supported by federated wiki.

- [x] Configure one diagram generator with approved project terminology. - [x] Specify by rules and example the format of individual and aggregated json report files. - [x] Establish the report certification and aggregation methods. - [x] Define the procedure for adding and removing members from the project.


The administrator confirms that each member will claim, configure and update a sofi site prefixed by their unique nickname. The administrator may create and claim pages for members who choose to report some other way.

We've prepared an example with an administrator and two members. lineup


We've transferred ownership of Sofi Administration to Marc. We will occasionally upload improved scripts that he can fork. See Sofi Scripts

We've hacked one preview to use the version of model staged in this site. See Member Sofi as of 9/18/2021