Story Maps

A Story Map Journal contains entries, or sections, that users simply scroll through. Each section in a Map Journal has an associated map, image, video or web page. page

The embedded journal comprised a survey of 1,600 businesses, focus-groups, GIS analysis of 30,000 businesses self-reporting as manufacturers. page

Example: Mayor Garcetti just launched the MAKE IT IN LA initiative and unveiled the results of a year-long study on the manufacturing entrepreneurial ecosystem. A Story Map Journal was embedded in the report.

Actions can also be defined in journal sections so that, for example, clicking a word automatically zooms the section’s map to a particular location.

Browse our gallery to see how storytellers are putting the layout options and other capabilities to work. page

If you’re a developer and want to modify the app, you can download the source code free of charge from GitHub. You can also use GitHub to share your changes with others. github