Testing Cypher Plugin

The combination of LINKS and KNOWS fishes out the participants in a wiki conversation. github

Here we markup a query by listing sites and slugs that will become parameters to a Neo4J query hosted in the server-side of the Cypher plugin. Anyone can edit.

If these plugins fail, try them on their original site.

nrn.io deploying-a-wiki goals.pod.rodwell.me federated-wiki-on-digital-ocean ward.asia.wiki.org forage.ward.fed.wiki.org

ward.fed.wiki.org federated-wiki

ward.asia.wiki.org don.tries.fed.wiki check-the-weather dreams-and-todos dream-big

# Improvement

We have a simple and powerful way to integrate something as complex as a graph database into wiki. Now, through incremental improvements, we can discover how it can be useful. We'll record thoughts here.

Find sites from context, lineup, neighborhood or roster.

Find titles from out links, in links, search page, input.

Prefer breadth, depth, rare or frequent.

Emit hierarchy, connections.

Search page context for an active server-side.