Testing Slide Plugin

This is our first step into presentation software in wiki.

# Presentations in Wiki with Slides - another kind of plugin - renders as preview - presents fullscreen - advances to other slides - see More About Slides

# Consistent Format Encourages Sharing - preview and display css comes from plugin - limited flexibility like other wiki styling - always authored in 16:9 aspect ratio - [x] check boxes work too

This is a work in progress. github

# To Do

Advance between slides, arrows and clicks.

Fix many CSS bugs.

Markup to SHOW or PLAY other content.

# Issues

We have encountered issues that demand difficult or tedious solutions. For the moment we note these here and look for a temporary work around.

Fullscreen. HTML5 boasts of their new api but have hobbled it so as to protect the user from phishing attacks. I've yet to get anything to go fullscreen except standalone demo pages. Working fullscreen example. site

Solution: fill the tab, not the screen.

Transformation. Scaling appears to work in some illogical coordinate system. I was only able to get a useful magnification by combining scale with translate using the matrix form which still responds adversely to container size changes.

Solution: style with transform-origin: 0 0

Start. The press-to-play button should be placed in the bottom-right corner and only show on hover. Blog posts agree that this will require advanced div structure and twenty lines of css but no javascript.

Background. I'd like to blur the image but not the text. Solutions involve overlapped position:fixed divs or a ::before style unavailable inline. post