Thinking of Presentations

What plugins would we need to make and perform presentations with federated wiki?

# Sections

A section is a page with a title and synopsis. A section can have subsections identified by paragraphs with a link. It might say, See Subsection. A presentation is the depth first traversal of a section and all of its subsections.

# Screens

Screen plugins will describe one screen of a presentation each. Markup in a Screen will be rendered when the screen shows. The markup could be as simple as markdown or as complex as interactive visualizations transcluded from other pages. A Screen will render in a useful way when preparing presentations.

# Graphics

Screen markup will consist of lines which might begin with keywords identifying how the remainder of the line is to be interpreted. Otherwise it will be Screen flavored markdown.

SQUARE will render Start -> Next -> Finish as nodes and arcs. CIRCLE will make ovals instead of rectangles.

COLOR #f88 will render subsequent filled elements in that color. Some colors will be abbreviated by their name.

PLOT Some Title will plot data from some page. Multiple plots make multiple lines on one plot.

IMAGE Some Title will render an image from some page. Multiple images will flow to fill the available space.

WIKI Some Title will render a lineup within the presentation. This is unique to presenting about wiki.

# Composition

LEFT, MIDDLE, RIGHT will identify horizontal sections of a screen.

TOP, BOTTOM will identify vertical sections of a screen.

TITLE Blah Blah will add a title to the page (quaint).

WAIT 2.5 will pause that many seconds. No number means wait for advance. WAIT implicit at end of screen. Provide a number, 0 or greater, to advance automatically.

# Resources

Stack is a presentation library with simple, scroll-based navigation by Mike Bostock. 233 lines. github

Reveal.js is gaining popularity and has some multi-viewing support. site

See Testing Slide Plugin work in progress.