Timer Logic

We'd like to manage timers server-side with convenient and fool proof client-side controls. github


A timer will be active if it has a setInterval running.

An item will render as inactive if it doesn't have a properly configured timer running. A 'start' button will activate.

Active timers should survive page reloads and server restarts. A serve-side table and persisted json asset will track active timers.

Start timers according to schedule.

Work out multiple recordings based on page title.

Retire logs that exceed keep period.

Login required to start or stop.


A timer will confirm that the initiating page and item are still present and set right. One might revert to an earlier configuration.

Notice active state change that doesn't coincide with page refresh. Update button.

Only one server will host active timers even if multiple servers are serving the same content. Require port 80?

Limit to one active timer per page due to asset naming conventions. Starting one stops others?

Browser local copy?