Tips For Deleting Sites

Our create on first access can lead to may junk sites. Here we look for safe strategies for removing them.

Our general strategy is to work within the .wiki directory, find empty or missing things, then remove the site that holds them. We use perl to convert find output to the commands we want and then pipe that into bash.

find ... | perl -ne ... | bash

We dry-run these commands by omitting the final bash.

# Empty

We feel free to discard sites with no pages.

find . -name pages -empty |\ perl -ne 'chop; s/\/pages//; print "rm -r $_\n"'

Beware: an empty ./pages will emit rm -r .

Beware: a subdomain named 'pages'

Beware: metacharacters like * in subdomain.

# Unclaimed

We might look inside unclaimed sites.

find . -name status \! -exec test -e '{}/owner.json' \; -print |\ perl -ne 'chop; s/\/status//; print "ls $_/pages\n"'