Topic Based Subsets

We pick topics that have been of lasting interest and subset them into their own federated wiki sites. These sites are the culmination of a project to Subset Wiki.

We collect a few closely related subsets in neighborhoods. We define this by selecting one representative page out of each subset for our collections. Federated wiki will reach beyond these for as all the related pages enter your neighborhood.


Choose one. Then browse from the chosen representatives or view the neighborhood's search or recent changes.

Pattern Subsets including patterns, memes and idioms.

Methodology Subsets mostly xp and agile practices.

Language Subsets for java, lisp, c++ and smalltalk.

Programming Subsets about code, tools, computers

Community Subsets including wiki, blog, chat and forum.

People Subsets for most popular given names.

Why This Works

We've captured the navigational knowledge required to browse the sprawling c2 wiki.

We're making many loose queries into the still-changing source and bundled them as federated wiki sites.

We use federated wiki's neighborhood mechanisms to bundle the loose queries into supersets.

We assembled bibliographies as if various individuals had explored the old wiki with some diligence worthy of attention.

The affordances of the old wiki and those of the new meet to make this portal possible.

Note, each subset has all the original pages. They only vary in what they present in Recent Changes.


Jon Udell writes, "Wiki creator reinvents collaboration, again." infoworld