Touch Support

Browsing with touch is awkward at best. Editing is nearly impossible. We've adopted some compatibility plugin that trades one set of confusions for another. We have to take touch events into our own hands.

# Gestures

Taps appear to be drags. Inadvertent drag is extremely frustrating as items can move great distances or even disappear.

Lineup navigation is difficult and disconnected with the notion of an active page. Pages should self-align to screen and size to screen when dimensions are close.

Some sort of progressive tap sequence should enable progressively more function. Use Apple's Keynote as a guide.

Workflows will be different on a small screen. We should improve or even directly support collecting-while-reading cases. More utility operations could be provided in a screen-footer menu.

Plugins should support enlarge-to-full-screen behavior that uses all available pixels. The in and out gestures should be uniform between plugins. Vertical swipe could move between items in full-screen.

# Text

Small edits should be possible. Perhaps there is some version of content-editable that would work better across platforms?

Factories used in Templates could be annotated with the desired keyboard layout. Some shortcut to new-page with template should be available that does not require editing some other page first.

Voice to text should be supported where available.

# Future

YOUTUBE fiZkEYLXctE Uploaded on Apr 27, 2016. New research uses a mobile phone’s ability to sense how you are gripping the device, as well as when and where the fingers are approaching it, to adapt interfaces on the fly. site