Video Reporter Producer

We consider how wiki could capture, produce and then deliver compelling video stories. We will imagine an end-to-end workflow based on one industry pattern for news stories about people doing things. We're confident many other kinds of stories could be configured into video pattern languages on wiki pages.

Andrew Lih suggests the BBC Five Shot format is well suited to reporting because it cuts down on the unwanted minutes that have to be removed in edit without sacrificing an emotional connection with the viewer.

One can get a sense of the five shot structure and especially the latitude it provides by watching Andrew's Review of Student Video shot and edited to the formula.

# Workflow

The reporter-producer maintains a catalog of stories on a wiki page. These could be organized into groups: 'planning', 'editing', and 'done'.


Venice Pier Construction thursday or friday, morning light.

Fashion Photo Shoot friday 2:30 12150 Venice blvd.


Once on site and ready to shoot one taps the link and chooses Five Shot Video Template from the create menu. This commits the shoot to this particular formula which already has take/retake factories positioned within the story template.

Andrew Lih imagines a tablet based and pattern driven recording device from which we take inspiration. post

Rosenblum suggests five takes in order. We encourage but do not require this because the template asserts the eventual ordering of shots.

With the five shots in camera one returns to the catalog and drags the story to 'editing'. One moves from shoot to shoot while the mobile video uploads at full resolution in the background.

The reporter turned editor will return to each story page eventually with a large laptop screen and in quiet comfort to finish the editing. Template paragraphs are edited with factual details and shots are tightened up and color balanced without leaving the page. Tap 'post' to initiate background transcoding and publication.

Returning to the catalog, the story is dragged to 'done'.

# Technology

We describe ordinary wiki operation with four enhancements that all have natural places in the client or server code.

The Factory plugin will show audio/video record buttons when camera and microphone are present. Taping either starts recording. Some natural gesture, another tap or maybe a shake, stops recording. A thumbnail appears.

The background uploader will schedule data transfers consistent with available bandwidth and cpu/battery resources available for client-side transcoding. The priority is to deliver moderate resolution video suitable for editing while high definition content continues to transfer.

The Audio/Video plugins will include editors suitable for the medium and the device in hand. In most cases they produce edit lists that can be applied to the full definition media upon publication.

The server-side Audio/Video plugins will manage cpu and storage intensive processing as well as the content delivery network credentials involved in publication.