Wants and Needs

These are ideas that we've thought about over and over but not done yet. Soon. See also Finished Work.

Handy symbols: ✔ done, • also, ✘ fail, ★ favorite.

Work in Progress

Items here have been broken down to smaller tasks where daily progress can be expected.

Core Client Refactoring unwind dependencies ✔ with a focus first on a page model and its interaction with storage and display.

Limit JSON in the DOM so that it need not be kept up to date ✔.

Import Issues into the federation from our various github repositories. ✔ Run some cron job to keep them current to the hour.

Journal Spacers break up the journal at human-scale intervals like day, month, year. ✔ Might also control journal compression.

Move vs. Copy on Drag needs to do the right thing ✔, show what it is doing and provide alternatives sensibly. ★

Drag and Drop more things ✔, more easily.

Stop using /remote. This makes the sinatra version compatible with thin. Fork button ✔ and implicit fork.

Front of Mind

These are things that are clearly in my court since they interact with the system at a rather deep level. If I try to solve one and can't, I'll drag it down to the punch list waiting for help.

Server-Side Plugins Listening but how, when and where?

Zero-Steps to Claim where the server generates a suitable credential on first visit.

Search Plugin Pages from the origin site.

Lineup URL that doesn't need server-side processing

Page Storage Abstraction on the client unifying origin, remote, local and ultimately exotic medium like NDN and Tahoe-LAFS.

Deleting Me Softly so we never have to say sorry. ★

Rename Pages in a way that is convenient, safe and useful in both local and distributed cases. ★

Squash Old Bugs that shouldn't be hard now.

Better Plugs Imagined for a better plugin experience.

Speed Read over highly linked pages.

Method Control Loops for simulation and analysis.

Reduce Control Loops for simulation and analysis.

Edit to local storage while logged in throws server errors.

Erase accidental forks (to local storage) when the action sequence fork-add-delete is detected.

Complementary Notice on Fork so that I can notice what you've done with my pages.

Image Assets managed independently of page json.

Stationary Resources such as special hardware or huge databases made available through server-side plugins.

Dig into stack trace to report caller in wiki.log. See portable stack trace library on github

Make Submit Changes work on Node (Hallahan)

If you type some new text at the front of a paragraph and then hit return to split, the id of the existing paragraph goes with the new text. This makes reading through the journal confusing. A small point for sure, but if the journal is going to be great, this has to make sense.

We create a page when we start a fetch. Pull the likely first paragraph out of the sitemap. Make it clear that this is a work in progress with some animation, such as filling the white space with faint animated diagonal stripes. There are tutorials for this online. webpage

Punch List

These items are easy to do wrong so best left to a modern web designer/implementor who solves these sort of problems everyday.

Touch interface handlers #100.

Link, friend and like buttons. These might use internal url shortener. Possibly collect stats.


I separate the visualizations from the punch list because some require visual thinking, not the sort of item usually implied by the notion of a punch list.

Tenxer's xCharts wraps D3 to make it look more like Flot but preserves animations. Might be nice to have a generic chart plugin that did all of xChart.

Scatter Chart horizontal axis (scale) that changes with the data displayed.

Animated site map shows breadth and depth of whole site. Might take over whole screen or even be a separate application.

Ice Box

Interesting Places to work, especially with other coders.

Questions and Ideas from Craig Muth.

My Vision of Federated Wiki by Sven Dowideit.

Xiki in SFW Mockup thanks to Craig Muth.

Convert this XP survey to collect and aggregate data that could be rendered in our existing radar chart. webpage

Recent Changes runs off of mtime in ruby, not dates in actions. Can we live with this?

Look at Eclipse Orion plugin model for how they address security. (Ask Mike for introductions)

How to move paragraphs and paragraph-like items within and among pages on a touch pad.

Including Paul Rodwell's Code Refactor (Nov 2013)

Version control is an aspect of Federated Wiki that deserves some quality consideration and design. These pages are an attempt to identify what we need, what solutions exist, and what we might want to build.