Ward Cunningham

I follow activity in the federation as I once followed twitter. I fork interesting pages here like retweets. I'll fiddle with them a little to make them mine and to remember when I found them.

As I approach two weeks of collecting and revising this way I am beginning to see a pattern that I like even though it has some similarity to the undesirable male habit called mansplaining.

I began by making somewhat superficial improvements to influence placement in recent changes. This progressed to more aggressive editing so as to have a page done my way and now occasional free association unrelated to the original interest of the page's first author.

Since I am speaking only to myself this wiki form of mansplaining may not be as disruptive as men in meetings. It may be a bit closer to a husband's face as his mind goes elsewhere in an otherwise important conversation.

I've also abandoned any pretense of this having any emergent structure even that of a feed. This makes it a good place to apply the leaves-first approach made possible with the Create New Page form.

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