Ward's Home Page

I've lived my whole life in Indiana and Oregon. When maps became available online I sought to use them to document all of my homes. I called it my "home page" as a joke since that usually refers to a home in cyberspace. site

See Places Together on one map.


My hope here is to develop writing about place that can be integrated in the end rather than navigated in the beginning. I'll include many more places, work, vacations, friends and colleagues, then use LINEUP to compose those of current interest into fresh new maps.

I'll create the first map by hand. After that I will need some sort of graphical marker maker to continue.

I start by grabbing google's coordinates for Highland, Indiana and Beaverton, Oregon, from their map urls.


States where I've Lived All My Life 41.5479779,-87.4914949 At Home in Indiana 45.484619,-122.8755138 At Home in Oregon BOUNDARY 46.0093625, -123.7939453 BOUNDARY 39.0415863, -84.4628906


Ouch. The generated bounds haven't worked out too well in this case. The markers just barely fit in what we must judge to be the wrong zoom level for the purpose of the map. I see instead all the space between where I've lived.

Strangely, I get a different zoom level when I refresh the browser window than when I add this page to an existing lineup. Could Leaflet be seeing a different div dimension in these two cases?

I've fixed this edge case by adding BOUNDARY markers NW of Portland and SE of Lafayette.


Growing up in Northern Indiana.

Learning and working at Purdue.

Career and family in Oregon.


Time to start making pages. I'll start by moving this to a separate site, making a template or two, and then pointing out my best memories. Home Page Template


I've had residential relationships to other properties. Some have been provided by employers, others inherited from family. See Places I've Stayed