Wiki Nature for VR

Wiki added casual utility to hypertext. Can it do the same for virtual reality? What if everyone has a couple of viewers laying around. What might I post on wiki that would lead you to pick a viewer up?

After a picnic a colleague wrote:

> Did someone pick up my SCAD VR viewer today? If you can use it, keep it, I have another.

SCAD is the Savannah College of Art and Design who has equipped new enrollees with cardboard viewers. post

The casual nature of the request had me thinking that VR is already here and widely available but foolishly seen as its own world isolated from other things we make and do.

Imagine your phone as a second screen coordinated over bluetooth with your browsing and editing in wiki. Would you reach for the viewer to tweak an occasional 3d mashup just as you might reach for a mouse to adjust something in 2d?

We provide a better navigational experience. The lineup remains at the user's control while stigmergy shortens the routes to what matters. See Ontology v. Stigmergy

However, when this navigation fails us there could be something to be said for Flying in Virtual Worlds

We have consider how to collaborate with large image, audio and video recordings. We look especially for ways that our strength, federation, brings something new to each medium. See Demanding Media

Eric Dobbs describes a telecommuting situation where he didn't have a mental model of the decision space or the systems, and wasn't getting any closer to building one. He needed to be in the same room with a white board in order to even have the conversation. See Joint Cognitive Whiteboard

The Laws of Mixed Reality provide a foundation for identifying preferable outcomes that should be consider in the creation of new products, services and business models.