Writing Assignments

David has been writing with his family. A topic will be suggested such that others are encouraged to write. He gives the example of tellings stories about one's fourth birthday. The problem arises when everyone chooses the same title, My Fourth Birthday.

We expect everyone to have a different experience on their fourth birthday, and some aspect of that experience will be of interest to the rest. But how do we line the stories up side by side without clicking in the wrong place and erasing ones own story?

My solution was to ask each author to name their page according to what was unique about the day, not the one thing that holds the stories together, the author's age at the event. Let's think about how wiki can help.

# Assignment

How can we write a page and fill it with affordances that make the writing easy?

Need some variation of Create New Page and Templates that would guide their creation.

Create New "Event Remembered" Page

# Socializing

How can the family retrieve the pages that have been written for the assignment so that they can be enjoyed together and suggest future assignments that would bring the family together?

Need some variation of Search or Recent Activity that includes the >> thing that opens all the right pages.

See Events Rememberd from this Writing Assignment. ROSTER dojo.fed.wiki/wiki-writing-workshop