Hatfield-McCoy Feud Graphed

We test unique features of wiki shared knowledge graphs by constructing a history of families in conflict.

I once read about the I the famous Hatfield-McCoy Feud involving several generations during and after our civil war. I struggled to keep track of all the family relationships and all the killing. wikipedia

In the years since I've wondered how the complex relations could be mapped to hypertext. Now I know: make a federated wiki for each family and a third for their feuding. Use Graph plugins to sketch relationship.

We'll use the experience to improve the Graph plugin markup and downstream processing of their networks.


Define a keyword HERE that refers to the current page.

Don't distinguish trailing edges on lines from leading edges on a subsequent lines. Newline only breaks strings of words into different node names.

Drag a page flag to a Graph plugin to add an edge to its graph markup.

Improve node placement. Abandon jitter.

Recolor nodes as sitemaps appear defining them.

Make an inbound link if dragging from the left, outbound if from the right, disconnected node if from some other site.

Incrementally update the origin's sitemap and signal repeat of colorcoding.


Drag a Graph plugin to another Graph plugin to merge the contents of the first with the latter. Order the resulting markup respecting the left to right relationship of the source and destination.

Do Graphs need to understand sites and contribute them to the link resolution context as we do with the Reference plugin? Or is some original interaction with the neighborhood better?

Subtrees can overlap. See Node Placement in Graphs

Explore strange bug where wrong graph of two updates on drop but server ends up right. Hover captions similarly effected.

Escape single quote in dot node names, but why?

Graphviz Html fits image to page but expands the width with blank space with unwanted side scrolling.

Can we drag nodes out of one graph onto another?

Create Future pages with properly capitalized titles. Perhaps items like Graph could offer to be a title-source. See Fat Future for another idea.

Text halos provide some legibility when graph nodes overlap.

Add graph-source awareness to Linkmap plugin.

Scale to available space, maybe even half-column width.

Cast a halo around overflowing text so that it wins in the advent of overlap. Revize rendering order on hover so that the viewer can choose the winner.


Here we consider coding strategies based on the lifetime of emitters and the handlers that listen to them. Examples from Graph plugin.