Microformat Plugin

These minimal patterns of HTML are used for marking up entities that range from fundamental to domain-specific information, such as people, organizations, events, and locations. Microformats use supporting vocabularies to describe objects and name-value pairs to assign values to their properties. mozilla

How might a site owner attach microformat data to their federated wiki pages that is visible to search engines?

We suggest the HTML plugin be extended with a special case action url and then offer a catalog of items containing forms prompting for specific microformat fields.

Once completed the form's submit button would transform the validated field data into microformat html.

We would then extend the server-side rendering to include HTML as it does without javascript for Paragraph and Image plugins. This is where the microformat data becomes available to search engines.

This proposal consists of a series of small modifications to existing facilities already present in wiki.

- [ ] add microformat action. github - [ ] check server-side rendering. github - [ ] build catalog of forms. wiki