Phototelling Workflow

Thompson thinks that the energy I get from my trail photos will motivate 7th grade students to find and express meaning in their world. Now I want to make a sharable version of my photo stuff that is more fit for that purpose.

# Vision

An activity is witnessed, photographed, considered and told in such a way that it creates wonder among peers.

An accumulation of tellings curated and shared enable emergence of meaning and purpose among students who are literate, numerate and creative.

# Witness

The teller learns to recognize the activities that cause or have caused change for better or for worse.

The teller "sees" the agent of change or the evidence of that presence in a way that is visually compelling.

The teller "captures" what has been seen in two to four well composed images in minutes then returns to present.

# Telling

In a period of quiet reflection the teller recalls uploaded images and sets out to explain the activities with details that might soon be forgotten.

The teller titles each activity alluding to what is unique about this in the teller's experience.

The teller begins each page with a factual synopsis, labels images when they don't stand alone, and then completes each page with reflection and links to related works.

# Considerations

The tellings will have the longest term value if images are carefully sized and limited to only those supporting meaning as told.

The teller's work should be their own and written to medium that can last a generation. The creative commons license must be understood and acceptable.