Small Steps

This is work-in-progress. We outline below some steps that help bring us closer to the goal of creating a new form of decentralised conversation:

# Thematic Pitches We can look to organise, short online discussions, in a format not unlike Hangouts-on-Air in which themes are proposed and discussed prior to being selected.

The visual look and technical underpinnings of these online sessions would use decentralised technologies that will allow us to film and record the visual appearance of the show any way we like. Our aim will to be create an entirely new Decentralised TV format for these events.

We can take a small step towards this goal by organising regular WebRTC video discussions in which we discuss potential themes. Record these discussions (using screen-casting software) and publish them instantly on the Permanent Web, in a way that allows the visualisation of the interconnectedness of themes and writers.

# Looking to the future