Work in Progress

These are projects we've actually started coding. Sometimes they turn out to have dependencies we hadn't anticipated which makes them linger on.


Timer Logic for Datalog Plugin

Hamburger Menu for well known plugin pages.

Docker All the Things for deployment convenience.

Distributed Assets shared with pages.

Print Plugin for wiki to pdf for books and articles.

Cities Alive as Hypertext from html with javascript.

Rewrite Help one page a day.

Micropub server endpoints for RSS plugin.

Decision's Reach to impact others.

Flutter Client for federated wiki

Knowledge Graphing with new and improved plugins.

Federation Analytics with what is not to like.

Saved Search Result from google or other.

Servo Developer Preview nightly builds by mozilla.

Coordinated Viewing between wiki and another app.

Sorting and Searching at all organizational scales.

Transporting Hypertext from wikity, wikipedia, etc.

Ruby Sitemap Scrape with search application.

Course Launch Workflow simple and tamper free.

New Plugins not ready for prime time.

Bad Markup now shows up in search results.

Transient Identity for lan party style sharing.

Personalization of flag and background.

We have some older lists with many good ideas that we should review regularly.

Automated Pages we'd like to always have.

Exploring Digital Ocean and hangout related ideas.

Wants and Needs going back to our early days.

Embedis Plugin for the internet of things.

Missing Neighbors and how to find them.

Test Subdomains of