Transporting Hypertext

We ask, how might we merge the interface features of the Transport plugin with persistent foreign servers that could support continued on-demand transclusions of large hypertexts.

We have been incrementally transcluding the original wiki into the federation for several years. We first experimented with the batch translation of an interesting subset. We later revised this to translate on demand. We still employ a subset methodology in the construction of sitemaps for Transcluded Hypertext.

We've made one step in this direction with Wikity which can emit pages in html or json, as does c2.

It is unlikely (but not impossible) that Wikipedia could emit json translations when asked. One challenge would be fitting those requests into the routing already present in Mediawiki sites.

The Fit wiki acknowledges the twin of Action Fixture on the sister site, Fitnesse, with that site's logo in the margin. page

We can imagine an independent service performing translations on demand in response to specific requests. If related pages were captured in a sitemap, and that sitemap were loaded into the client, then links would resolve eventually to the desired page.

An alternative would be to embed more information in the markup between square brackets. We could call this the explicit approach to inter-wiki links adopted by most wiki sites including Mediawiki. The alternative implicit approach expected sites to notice that there were twins of pages on sister sites which were polled on a regular basis. The c2 wiki adopted the later approach.